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reporting live, rob fladeboe. >>catherine: japan, reports of an explosion in you that the gratuity nlkoshima -the nuclear power plant. and there were three reactors in particular the there were very concerned about. they are at risk of melting. the prime minister is calling for an international help. he wants experts from all over the world to try to figure out how to prevent this meltdown. they could be close to that point and to that #2 is where the rod is exposed and this is happening after the friday's earthquake and tsunami. that knocked out power. that troubled the cooling system they need to keep nuclear of foofuel from melting and becoming hazardous. >>pam: this is that nuclear plant. this was followed by two hydrogen explosions. and the catastrophic traffic relief catastrophic-relief of te radiation a major concern. catherine was just explaining the latest concern is that they heard explosions. there have not been radioactive material released. we have seen pictures of this unfolding catastrophe where residents of japan that the ben living in this area that have been living in this
economic toll. today the u.s. stock market closed sharply lower. japan the world's largest economy accounts for 10% of u.s. exports. >>catherine: today officials ditch to plan and try to use helicopters to pour water into a nuclear reactor. the fire is out, there is still a lot of concern that the water to boil away. here's a timeline of events of the nuclear plant that has the world on edge. the 9.0 earthquake hits off the coast friday. the nuclear plant is in one of the hardest hit areas. the quake and tsunami knocked out regular and backup cooling systems to reactors one and three. workers began injecting sea water and boron and reactors to prevent a meltdown. saturday afternoon, a hydrogen buildup leads to an explosion. blowing the roof off the no. 1 reactor building, for workers heard. midday monday, another explosion tears through the reactor number three building. the roof and topples are destroyed, 11 people hurt. late monday, reactor no. 2 loses its cooling capability. workers in jagged see water and boron into that reactor as well. tuesday morning, an explosion in its the
and www.kron4.com. now to the developing story in japan. the level of danger threat at the situation at the nuclear power plant has been raised from level 4 to level five. the new level is based on the international nuclear and radiological scale. indicates an accident with wider consequences. sandra reports on the latest on recovery efforts and the crisis. >>reporter: moment of silence in japan at 246 in the afternoon. one week since the crippling 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit japan. the urgency remains to avert another disaster. if the nuclear radiation made from the power plants. japanese safety officials raised the threat levels from 4 to 05 with 7 being the most serious. the meanness and accident with water consequences. level five equals that of the three mile high incident in 1979 in pennsylvania. despite the severity the japanese chief cabinet secretary says not to worried. >> the radiation measurements has not been serious, serious enough to have health effects. >>reporter: and other challenges to get aid to people and is the most. a broken infrastructure is makin
down. and japan, the cooling system failed after the earthquake and the fuel rods got hot. and they were exposed to the air for several hours. to keep them from overheating sea water was pumped in. and when those melt the will be molten nuclear fuel. if that penetrates the inner chamber is considered a meltdown. the major concern is the containment shell. if that does not hold? catastrophic amounts of radiation could be released into the atmosphere. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>pam: the u.s. government is evacuate americans out of japan. and to take off and need not-east central trouble to that area. maureen kelly was at s f o no-troub troubl travel. >> i ended up coming back because there was so much talk about the nuclear reactors. explosions, and yes, it was kind of scary. i feel safer a little bit and here is my dad. >> hello. we are very concerned about what is happening is more uncertainty about anything that has happened thus far. it is uncertainty about what could happen in the next couple of days. >> i am very concerned about the nuclear power plant situation. un
japan and that's the epicenter of the quake. the that power plant was evacuated after the reactor's cooling system failed and pressure started to build. the area around the plant was evacuated as radiation levels outside the plant surged. >>catherine: you been looking at those incredible video showing huge damage. the quake going on for what seem like an endless terrified to minutes. a lot of people are posting their videos online. kimberly has a look at some of those. >>kimberlee: right now were going to look at surveillance video in japan. the quake is at its strongest point and shaking. the workers were tried to hold up the shells but because they got scared, they ran away. you could see the shaking continuing for what seems like an endless time. the workers were trying to hold up the shelf but as to conceal the ground up lots of bottles fell. those are still rolling because the quake is still going. when you walk from the corner you could see all the wine bottles that came crashing down. those workers were just trying to stop any more damage and product loss from taking place.
japan were the nuclear reactor has been leaking radiation. those foods will be held at entry points. it will not be sold to the public. earlier the fda said it would step up screening. other foods imported from japan including seafood will still be sold to the public but screened for radiation. >>jacqueline: live look outside, cloudy skies this afternoon crowds of increasing. now with the rain rolling in were not going to see and the rain will push and. the storm sitting off shore, this is the tail end of it. the storm is intensifying as it approaches the coast line. we are expecting heavy rain through the night. take a look along the coastline, the dark green indicating areas under flood watch. the bright green near the delta and for field a flood warning. we will see periods of moderate to heavy rain overnight. as strong as an inch per hour along the coast. that is where the concern of flooding is the greatest. we have seen so much rain lately, the ground can't take much more. future cast, by 10:00 a.m. this evening moderate rain over the north bay in san francisco, oakland and sa
today and what we can expect ahead. nuclear threats, with food in japan and with the u.s. government is keeping an eye on food right here. mobil merger at&t and t mobile teamed up. what it means for customers, coming up. downed trees power outage we have the latest with news crews. a run the bay area, and more problems with another round of storms through moves and. >>pam: our big story at 5:00 p.m. at the weather and you are looking at a live picture. high wind warning. on the bay bridge. it is action also underneath the bay bridge and the traffic on the bay bridge is being either dalerted---and jackson is herete
of north america. >>catherine: japan is not really having a big impact. >> what is going to happen is that perhaps eight weeks ? there will be disruptions with toyota's, and if you want to order an ipad? water it now! the delay could be eight weeks. order into now--order it now. and i mentioned that i would order it now. and >>catherine: and we're feeling that we will be back with more news after the break. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at capitalone.com. that's new school banking baby! so instead of making peanuts, your savings will be earning three times the national average. oops. sorry. three times more? i'll have that! it is now safe to go online to capitalone.com. what's in your wallet? buh-bye... call me. (music) >> when there are storiemy when there are stormy photographs? we appreciate the photos that and submitted by a were the words. cavan said that " this morning a large tree kevin said it was a lot of debris. it debris on the hood and
is right? >>rob: there were hiccups in japan, we haven't seen it yet. asia is famous for keeping no secrets when it comes to technology because they have to have a design and build two months before we promoted. it does look like it's coming. maybe it's a buying opportunity for investors, maybe it's the selling situation. the numbers will be as big, i think the demand will be their leader but not sooner. >>pam: no one has found a prototype flying in a bar. (laughter) should i jump into the market now? >>rob: again, i believed that you and i are of the ags much jumping. we have another 23 years before we take the money out. if i was 60 years old, i don't know. the market is trading at 39 1/2 times its earnings, historic the it's 15 times. interest rates are low. inflation is low. we should be trading 1617 times. i think the market is 40% upside over the next 18 months. if we keep creating jobs and not lose jobs. i think it's a very healthy undervalued market. >>pam: to people stop you on the street every day? to >>rob: those stop me in say gary howe or the giants going to do this year? and t
are supporting our allies and japan. leaving a rock to its people and stopping the momentum in afghanistan and leaving iraq--to its people and continuing to conquer all qaeda. as commander in chief, i am proud all elements, the coast guard, and the families. i know all americans share in that sentiment. half for generations, the united states of america has played a unique role in global security, and as an advocate for human freedom. mindful of the risks, costs of military actions we are reluctant to use force to solve world problems. one of our interest and values are at stake we have a responsibility to act on our interest--is at stake. that is what is happening in libya with the last couple of weeks. libya is between egypt and tunisia two different nations that have inspired the world when the people rose up to take control of their own destiny. for over four decades, the people have been ruled by a tyrant. moammar gaddafi has denied his people's freedom. exploited his wealth, murdered opponents at home and on a broad and terrorize innocent people of around the world including american
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)